Reupholstery Service:

We also offer reupholstery services.  We can reupholster cherished furniture and chairs or create specialty cushions for custom made furniture.  We have a wide selection of indoor and outdoor fabrics to choose from. 


Silhouettes are elegant and classy window treatments.  They work very similar to roller shades in the sense that both are mounted on a tube housed inside a decorative cassette with a control that rolls the sheet of fabric.  But unlike roller shades, Silhouettes have a double roll of sheer with horizontal cloth vanes housed in between.  This allows the ability to tilt the vanes, similar to Venetian Blinds.  Their beauty is in the simple and elegant way of shielding light and providing adjustable visibility to the outside.

Solara Shades:

Solara Shades are one of the newest, most decorative and efficient shades in the market.  They allow the ability to adjust the amount of visibility and light protection in a roll up shade.  When you don't need them, you can simply roll them up into their decorative yet simple cassette and make them practical disappear.  We offer many different textures and colors to chose from. 

Plantation Shutters:

Plantation Shutters are a classy and timeless window treatment option.  Plantation Shutters have a decorative frame that encase and dress up the window opening, eliminating the need for any other decorative window treatments.  Our Plantation Shutters are available in either wood or Polycore with multiple louver sizes, wood stains, paint colors and styles to choose from.  We offer Plantation Shutters from Sunland Shutters and Norman Shutters.

Custom Draperies:

Let our experts assist you in selecting the perfect style and fabric for your custom draperies.  We have an unlimited amount of fabrics to choose from.  Fabrics that fit any style and budget.  We offer fabrics from all the major suppliers such as but not limited to Duralee, Fabricut, F.Schumacher, J.F. Fabrics, Kasmir, Kravet, RM COCO, Robert Allen, 

Rothman, Sunbrella and many more.

Products and Services

Vertical Blinds:

Vertical Blinds​ are one of the most common and economical window treatments currently available.  

Their function is basic and yet very effective.  Vertical vanes hang from a headrail with houses controls for tilt and draw.  Vertical blinds work really well for sliding glass doors and big windows, they are also the most commonly used product for offices and commercial properties.  The selection of vanes is extensive in colors and textures.

In addition to the products listed above, we also offer Hunter Douglas products,

Roman Shades and many other window treatment options.

Roller Shades:

Roller Shades are sheets of cloth or synthetic material mounted on a tube that roll up and down into a decorative cover.  Roller Shades are available in three different types of fabrics, screens, light filtering and blackout.  Screen fabrics are made of a synthetic woven material that allows visibility to the outside while still protecting your home from the sun's damaging UV rays.  Light filtering fabrics are commonly used in areas that require natural light but also require total privacy.  The last available option are Blackout roller shades and they do exactly what their name implies, black out any exterior light from filtering into a room.  Another added benefit to roller shades is the ability to help shield the sun's heat outside by creating an additional barrier between the exterior and interior of you home.

Custom Bed Comforters, Duvet Covers and pillows:

Can't find the perfect comforter or Duvet cover for your dream bedroom?  We can make your dream a reality and the possibilities are endless.  We are also able to manufacture custom sized pillows for couches.

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Venetian Blinds:

Venetian Blinds are commonly referred to as Horizontals or Horizontal Blinds.  They consist of a functional headrail which is covered by a decorative valance, with multiple horizontal vanes that hang from the headrail.  The vanes have an adjustable tilt and can be drawn completely upwards.  They allow the ability to control the amount of visibility or privacy to the interior of your home or business.  Venetian Blinds are available in either wood or synthetic materials.